Meet Kai!

Hi, my name is Kai! When I meet new people they often think I'm just saying "hi" a second time (like a weirdo). 

In launching my new photography brand, Kai Skye Photography, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the world!



I'm so excited and totally anxious to begin my new adventure as an entrepreneur! 

As a photographer, I love all the things. From capturing love stories to babies to wild concerts -- I feel that flexing my creative brain is best in a variety of places & unique moments. 


I have always loved taking photographs! Since I was a kid, I was the one behind the lens instead of in front of it. 

From polaroids, to film, to the wonders of the digital age -- I've had such an experience learning as much as possible. 


My professional career began with a high school internship at Carmen Salazar Photography in 2010. Carmen has taught me a wealth of knowledge over the years, ranging from technical skills to what it means to run a small business. Through my journey from self- conscious intern to associate photographer, CSP laid the roots for me growing into my own business. 

Working with many local Sacramento photographers has introduced me to so many experiences including different styles of wedding and portrait photography, editing, and design. I'm so grateful for all the connections we've made and am so excited to network with my community!


7 things about me that you should know:

  • I will always make my clients laugh! From dad jokes to loudly swearing because the light is THAT good, laughter is included with every session. 
  • Babies are my favorite - in the belly, new to the world, or cake smashing for their birthday. I will probably call your baby a custom nickname for the rest of our time together. 
  • My favorite accessory is my tattoos. My (very tattooed) mom told me a few years ago that I'd never get a job if I had visible tattoos -- oops!
  • Speaking of tattoos, I just got my 2nd Harry Potter tattoo. Hogwarts is my everything. I cried when I went to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter (more than once). 
  • I drink coffee all day. My caffeine of choice currently is nitro cold brew with lots of cream!
  • Cats are the coolest -- my tuxedo cat is named Bowie.
  • Yes, my name totally rhymes. 


I'm crazy excited to put Kai Skye Photography out into the world! 

A huge thank you to Liz at Liz Zimbelman Photography for my fabulous headshots. 

Stay tuned for new and exciting updates on FB & Instagram!

-- Kai